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Nicholas Kvaltine

Nicholas Kvaltine is a research analyst at Ecotope.  He has a background in particle physics, experimental design, quantitative analysis, and numerical modeling.  Dr. Kvaltine has supported data analysis for a number of critical regional projects, including data QC and analysis for the Residential Building Stock Assessment Metering Study and efforts to evaluate the energy use and savings of residential heat pump water heaters (HPWH).  In addition, he maintains SEEM – Ecotope’s residential energy simulation tool, as well as the  heat pump water heater simulation tool. His doctoral work involved the collection, quality control, and manipulation of large amounts of particle scattering data in order to refine the understanding of the spin structure of the deuteron.



Nicholas Kvaltine


Ph.D., Physics, University of Virginia, 2013

M.A., Physics, University of Virginia, 2011

B.S., Physics, University of Florida, 2006

B.A., Mathematics, University of Florida, 2006


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