Fire Station 72

Issaquah, WA

Client: TCA Architecture, City of Issaquah, Eastside Fire and Rescue
Completion: 2011
Building Size: 11,400 sf
Energy Use Index: 25 kBtu/sf-yr (measured)

This project was built to achieve the Architecture 2030 Challenge of Net Zero energy use by the year 2030.

What We Did and How

The Issaquah fire station uses only 1/4 of the energy of a typical regional fire-station; achieving an Energy Use Index (EUI) of 25 kBtu/sf-yr. The project meets these ambitious targets through the use of super-insulation, heat recovery ventilation, a ground source heat pump system, solar water heating, high efficiency appliances, advanced lighting design and controls, and real-time energy use feedback to the occupants. The project includes an 8,500 gallon above grade rainwater cistern for toilet flushing, laundry, irrigation, and truck washing and is on track to reduce potable water use by more than 50% over a standard fire-station. Ecotope provided energy efficiency consulting, full mechanical and plumbing design, LEED and sustainability consulting for the project

The Results

The project earned a LEED Platinum certification and is on track to meet the 2030 Challenge.