Utility and market transformation initiatives require a constant flow of new ideas and technologies.

Emerging Technology

Building on decades of cutting edge building science and equipment research, Ecotope helps fill the Northwest and national emerging technology pipelines in the residential and commercial sectors. Ecotope staff live at the intersection of innovative engineering and advanced analysis of new and promising equipment. We realize that the integration of emerging and more efficient technologies with careful design and control can have a symbiotic effect on the performance of buildings. Ecotope prioritizes a high-context approach by focusing on the “systems” the technologies will operate in, such as interactions with occupants and other technologies that influence savings.

Ecotope’s 360 degree approach to assessing emerging technologies provides clients with an understanding of the potential and limitations of the technologies in various markets and climates. We emphasize a collaborative educational approach to ensure that the richness and decision-making power of each study is fully realized for the client and all relevant stakeholders.

Services Include:

  • Lab testing
  • Field monitoring
  • Calibrated engineering models
  • Equipment specifications
  • Measure development
  • Impact evaluations

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